How do I get a loan?

1. Simulate a loan finance and banks provide loan simulation for you to know beforehand the amount of the payment portions of your loan. Make sure the amount of the loan you want is available and the amount of each parcel according to your choice. 2. Choose the most cost-effective loan: This step could not be lacking here. If you are experiencing a bad financial situation, you must act cautiously and without impulsiveness. Do not choose the bank or financial loan only for its speed, but also for its long-term cost-benefit. 4. Choose the payment method: After an analysis of your budget, you must choose the date and in how many installments you intend to pay back the loan. You should keep in mind how much you earn per month, your expenses needed and what you can save without adversely affecting your standard of living. Plan your economy in advance to pay for the loan 5. Send the documents to the bank/financial: Your loan application before being released is assessed by the bank or financial. This evaluation is done according to the fulfillment of the necessary requirements and each institution varies in its requirements and may be more or less rigorous. You must register on the website and send the required documents posted on the screen. 6. Wait for credit analysis: After you have submitted all the required documents and signed the contract, you will pass the credit analysis of the financial instutition. The value of your loan, the payment method and your documents will be assessed by the institution's employees before your loan is approved. This phase of credit analysis may take a few hours up to one week depending on the institution chosen. 7. Check your account: Once your credit is approved, the money will be deposited into your account quickly for you to use with what you need!