Category: Construction

Shells protecting pipes

The world without corrosion is a dream of all electro-and heat-power engineers, and while physical and chemical laws operate on the Earth, all specialists, though connected with metal, are looking for ways to slow down oxidation processes. (more…)

Plastic windows

Modern metal-plastic and wooden windows provide the highest level of sound and heat insulation, if necessary-completely seal the room (more…)

Artificial stone

For finishing façade works more and more often the natural stone is used. It is really beautiful and impressive, with high-quality styling is also durable. (more…)

The device of a drain pit with own hands

If you have a country plot, and think over the construction of a summer house, then you probably got a question, how to equip the sewer. (more…)

What to install-local sewage treatment plants or septic tanks?

Rarely, what a village or village can boast of central sewage. (more…)

What you need to know and consider before developing and installing the heating system of buildings

What you need to know and consider before developing and installing a heating system at home. (more…)

How to insulate an old wooden house

In the matter of insulation of the private house should be approached comprehensively. It means, that it is necessary to insulate walls, both from inside, and outside, to achieve tightness of windows (more…)

How to heat a wooden house

Lay the stove with your hands under the force of anyone. (more…)

Water supply

Engineering surveys will help you to determine exactly what level of groundwater on your land plot. Thanks to them you will be able to predict their annual level. (more…)

How to furnish studio apartment?

Construction of a one-room apartment first of all should start with a collection of “right” furniture (more…)