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Innovation: Transparent Concrete

Surprisingly, the ubiquitous introduction of super-modern material, transparent concrete, is not far off. (more…)

Drywall. General information.

Plasterboard-an indispensable material in the repair of the apartment. Gypsum plasterboard is used in the manufacture of plasterboard structures, (more…)

Boiler in a wooden house

Modern wooden houses are significantly different from the buildings that were erected earlier. (more…)

To make the house warm and comfortable

In the old days our ancestors used natural material-moss to insulate the house. (more…)

Finishing of steel doors with laminate

The finishing of the steel door with laminate is perfect for those rooms where laminate flooring is already on the floor. (more…)

Textile Wallpaper

The positive side of textile wallpaper, and what is the difference from the rest of the wallpaper: (more…)

Shutters-Space Protection

For the unpresenters it is possible to explain: rollets are metal blinds installed on the windows on the outside. (more…)

Specificity of design and advantages of two-pipe heating system

Based on the name, structurally similar system of heating is arranged so that the supply of coolant to the radiators is carried out on one pipe (more…)

Plasma cutting for construction purposes

In some cases, the builders may need to process the metal. There are different ways to accomplish this task. (more…)

Finishing Steel Doors vinyl

Vinilylskzha is a material of artificial origin with fibrous basic, on which the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is applied. (more…)

Unusual interior Design

Recently, the number of admirers of Japanese culture is increasing all the time. Against this background, designers are born different new ideas.

Plastic lining

Among all the advantages available to the vase is the first to note its increased resistance to the environment.

Wallpaper on a fleece basis

One of the types of finishing materials that is in demand wallpaper on the fleece basis.