How we should build a house

Why is it so popular to build wooden houses for the frame technology today?

There are many reasons.

First, only environmentally friendly, natural materials with excellent performance characteristics are used for the work.

Secondly, the construction of wooden frame houses is much faster than on other technology.

Thirdly, wooden timber houses can be as beautiful as brick or wooden buildings.

The first construction of wooden frame houses began to be used in Canada. With the help of the frame construction technology it is possible to build not only a cottage, temporary house, but also a good permanent dwelling. This can be trusted, because in Canada the climatic conditions are similar to the Russian ones.

Already developed a lot of standard designs of frame houses, but if you want something original, it is easy to order an individual project of the house. Carcass blanks are made at the woodworking plant, which in the consequence, as the details of the constructor are assembled into one single structure.

OSB slabs are fixed on the frame as walls. To finish the work on the construction will remain only internal and external finishing of the house