Shells protecting pipes

The world without corrosion is a dream of all electro-and heat-power engineers, and while physical and chemical laws operate on the Earth, all specialists, though connected with metal, are looking for ways to slow down oxidation processes.

This is especially important for long-term Russian heating networks – in fact, according to the latest statistics, more of them have developed their service life and are in a depressing state. Dilapidated pipes are the cause of numerous accidents and significant (up to 70%) Heat.

There are various ways of slowing down of corrosion processes, for example, a pu shell-modern heat-insulating material for pipes. He will read a great future, it contributes to the efficient conservation of heat on the heat-arteries.

Modern mineral mats, which are wrapped pipes in pipelines, are operated for 3-5 years as much as possible, and after this period to be replaced, and foam shell will serve a few orders longer-up to 3 decades and More.

In addition, the use of this material-a significant reduction in heat loss from 30% to 2-3%. In parallel, it also reduces the cost of 2 times for the operation and 3 times the cost of repair and prevention of heating. Using this “shell”, you can easily forget about the existence of corrosion… At least for a while.