How to heat a wooden house

Lay the stove with your hands under the force of anyone.

The first thing you will need is a desire, patience and confidence in your abilities. Next in the list:
1. To draw the plan of your future stove: its sizes, number and arrangement of wells will depend on the area of the heated room, the location of the rooms, and the functions that the furnace will perform (heating of the room, decoration, cooking)
2. Fire-resistant bricks.
3. Cast iron stove Fittings: doors, corners, plate (if according to the drawings the plate is necessary, in case of using it in cooking)
4. Fire-resistant mixture (you can use clay and sand (5/2) sand small, and clay viscous)
5. You will need tools: trowel, Spatula, chisel, the capacity for mixing the solution, and another, in it you’ll soak bricks-for better adhesion to the solution. In this case, the masonry will be more durable.

Laying of the Furnace:
1. The foundation can be poured out of concrete or laid out of bricks.
2. Spread the level to the blowing, fix the grate.
3. Continue to spread the bricks belt, according to the plan, installing the necessary doors, stove, oven, flaps, etc.
4. In a ceiling and a roof it is necessary to make a hole for a pipe.