How to insulate an old wooden house

In the matter of insulation of the private house should be approached comprehensively. It means, that it is necessary to insulate walls, both from inside, and outside, to achieve tightness of windows

, insulate the floor and, of course, do not forget about the attic.

The walls should be checked from inside for cracks. If they do exist, they must be sealed. In addition to the cracks should not forget about the joints. For this purpose it is possible to apply a mounting foam. Then insulate all walls with foam or mineral wool. Then cover the walls with vinyl siding or plastic trolley.

Special inspection requires Windows. It is necessary to check tightness of slopes, a window sill. All the cracks blow out the mounting foam. If necessary, dismantle the individual parts.

Before warming the floor, you should also pay attention to the presence of cracks, if necessary, use the mounting foam. To insulate a floor it is possible all the same materials, it and polyfoam, and mineral wool.

As for the insulation of the attic and the roof, it is possible to use a meniscus heater, rolls of fiberglass.

It is important to remember when warming the house, it is about fire safety and providing sufficient ventilation in the house.