How to hide a gas column in the kitchen

Today gas columns are in great demand. By installing such a column, you can safely and at any time to take water procedures,

Rather than waiting for hot water, which include strictly on the clock.

First you need to come up with a kitchen design, given the location of the gas column. Visually pick up the location, the location of the column. Consider whether it will fit the interior of the room. Now a lot of beautiful speakers, so most people install the column, not hiding it in the furniture.

But if you still think that the column does not fit your interior or catches the eye, then it is better to hide it in the kitchen cabinet. To do this, you need to remove the size of your column and give them to the masters who do or will do for you kitchen furniture, so that in the manufacture of furniture they took into account an additional locker for the column.

When the column is working, it is very hot, so to avoid a dangerous situation, it is not recommended to put the wall kitchen cabinets closely. If everything is done by the rules, then the locker for the column should not have either the top or bottom sides, and the front door must be trellatous. It is possible to hide a corrugated board in a corb from plasterboard.