How to choose the color of the kitchen walls

The kitchen is usually one of the most frequently used rooms, so when choosing the color gamut of the kitchen should be attentive.

1. Check how color is combined with the color of cabinets and kitchen furniture. The color of the kitchen walls should complement them. For example, dark cabinets usually look better with brighter and bolder shades.

2. The wall tile must also be combined with the color of the paint. If the tile design has several contrasting colors, you can choose one of them as the base color for the whole room.

3. Choose the mood that should create the color of the kitchen. If you want to create a vibrant atmosphere, use contrasting colors. The green and red shades are the ideal color accents for the kitchen.

4. Keep in mind the lighting. Kitchens are usually large rooms with plenty of natural light. Too bright colors may look too defiant in a well-lit kitchen. Calmer tones like light blue and green will better look more soothing and create a relaxing effect.