Small things in the interior

Different people have different hobbies. There are people who are addicted to cars, there are those who are fond of, for example, games.

And there are people who like to add different things to the interior, and plus this lesson is that it is infinite.

Trifles in an interior even the most expensive repair with application of the most expensive materials of furnish will make original, give to it unique charm. Each, even let a small thing, interesting to the owner of the Apartment, awakens in it memories. Here is the search for such things and you can say that there is no limit to perfection.

Since everything here is subordinated to feelings, such trifles can not be somehow classified, divided into species. But these subjects can give pleasure to those who sees them, to give cosiness even dull walls.

The most important thing is that you like these little things. It would be nice to have them adhere to a single style, but if you have created your own interior, then most likely problems of disharmony will not arise.