Wallpaper on a fleece basis

One of the types of finishing materials that is in demand wallpaper on the fleece basis.

They are very simply pasted on a wall, it is enough only to apply glue on it and it is possible to glue.

Indisputable advantage of such wallpapers in their comparatively small price. In most cases, when choosing, it is the main role, especially when you need to buy a considerable number of rolls.

wallpaper, designated for painting, among the fleece wallpapers are the most inexpensive. However, if you are not going to paint them, it is better to refrain from buying them, because after their drying, the wallpaper will be transparent, which, of course, will not add aesthetics to your living room.

Fabric-based wallpaper are famous for its durability and durability. The main materials for their production are silk, flax, velvet. Textile wallpaper will add room refinement, elegance, coziness. Such wallpapers differ abundant color gamut, countless variants of drawings and textures.

Often these wallpapers have Teflon coating, protecting them from burnout, absorption of odors and moisture. According to wear-resistance textile wallpapers significantly surpass ordinary paper analogues.