Features, advantages and disadvantages of modern heating radiators

Any kind and model of modern radiator of heating favorably differs beautiful attractive appearance of modern ergonomic design.

Moreover, they attract the best price/quality combination with high heat transfer rates. In addition, they have low thermal inertia with the possibility of regulating the radiator thermostat.

However, no matter how good the modern radiators of heating, they still have certain disadvantages, and to the based it is worth to include:

Undesirable use in open heating systems.

Also do not tolerate substandard heat carriers and hydraulic shocks.

All this makes it impossible to use them in urban buildings.

However, use of such radiators is justified in cottages and country houses, in heating systems of which there is no high pressure at the expense of use of autonomous boiler-houses.

By the way, the connection of panel radiators can be bottom or lateral.