Finishing of doorways with a stone

In each house or apartment is necessarily present doorways, on, which practically do not pay attention.

In the best case, the owners will update the old platbands, and often just paint them and forget to the next repair.

But this attitude is fundamentally wrong, because the framing of openings can completely change the interior of the premises and give them a completely different emotional color.

The new reception in the design of premises became the furnish of door apertures by a stone. Natural material adds freshness and novelty to the surrounding interior, and with the right selection of color and rock can produce a stunning effect.

Imagine an empty doorway lined with a “wild” stone. From the outside it may seem that the entrance to the neighboring room is “hacked” in the rock, which is intriguing enough for the uninitiated guests. And if the adjoining room is completely lined with the same tile, then the surprise will not be the limit.

Another example is the beautiful semi-columns that perfectly underline the entrance of the door. Looking at them begins to seem that further you will find a huge palace hall and something mystical, for the solution of which is left to make the last step.

Such decorative ornaments have a number of advantages, among which the most significant are the unlimited life and ecological purity of the material. Finishing the door openings with a stone will not affect the health of your family, on the contrary, the presence of natural mineral adds peace of mind and confidence in their reflections.