Plastic windows

Modern metal-plastic and wooden windows provide the highest level of sound and heat insulation, if necessary-completely seal the room

, and have a comfortable design and attractive designs. Plastic windows can serve for decades without requiring repair or maintenance and retaining the original characteristics and appearance.

However, in order to fully appreciate the advantages and opportunities of modern, high-quality window structures is not enough to choose the manufacturer and model. A professional installation of Windows is required, taking into account all requirements and regulations.

Only an experienced specialist, using professional equipment and tools, can guarantee the absence of distortions in the installation of the window, reliable sealing, the right selection of fittings.

During installation work it is necessary to consider a huge number of factors, including-area, purpose and other characteristics of a premise, type of the material from which the walls are executed, current temperature and humidity of air, climatic Peculiarities of the region.