LED Ceiling illumination

Uneven ceilings in the old housing stock ceased to be a headache of tenants. Original suspended ceilings wholesale and retail of different materials, colors,

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But do all know that there are interesting and original versions of the ceiling illumination?

It can be the built-in illumination by luminescent lamps, and it is possible to use the last technological achievement in the field of lighting systems-led lamps. They allow to light up the premise to the full, but at the same time to reduce power consumption and to use the networks of low voltage as LEDs have lower power capacity..

In addition, with LED backlight can create an interesting design of the ceiling surface.

LEDs have a number of advantages over other sources of light: small size, simplicity of construction, the possibility of their installation in hard-to-reach places for other devices, moisture resistance (which makes it acceptable to use them in bathrooms Rooms).

And, in addition, it is the beauty and originality of the interior. It is possible to pick up LEDs of various light spectra. Combination of these shades and intensity of illumination allows not only to hide defects of a ceiling, but also favorably to present interior design of a premise.