Textile Wallpaper

The positive side of textile wallpaper, and what is the difference from the rest of the wallpaper:

-They give warmth and comfort to your room, which is not in any comparison with other types of wallpaper. Made of quality natural materials will easily fit into any design and interior and can also serve as proof of the high income of the owners.

-Textile wallpapers have high sound insulation.

-You can also show your imagination (Envy neighbors): different colors, textures, the ability to paint. If you want you can create the most no-like individual interior, which will distinguish your apartment from everyone else. Buying textile Wallpapers, you will always be happy with your choice.

Why do some people consider textile wallpaper not the best option of home interior? A brief overview of the negative sides of textile wallpaper:

-poor resistance to contamination. If the wallpaper will spill the colored liquid, it is very long to enter the fabric, you have to use special cleaning agents to clean it.

-they absorb dust very well. You will be forced to clean the regular cleaning, as in the worst case can occur allergies.

The choice is yours!