Decorative Elements of landscape

Even more recently, domestic household plots did not differ a large variety of elements of décor.

But today designers all over the world, including Russian, offer all kinds of scenery, from the variety and number of which is just motley in the eyes.

The complexity of the application in practice of these parts of the exterior is that not all of them are equally well fit into absolutely any interior. It requires a competent approach to their choice and a preliminary analysis.

If you are not able to determine to which style direction is a particular design object, it is better to use the help of a specialist, to avoid unnecessary costs and burdening the general appearance of the exterior superfluous elements.

Professional designers will prompt you not only, what kind of décor is optimally correlated with the general appearance of your site, but where exactly and in what quantity should be placed.

The general rules of choice of details of décor are harmonious their conformity to all rest of an exterior, and also should not be abused by addition of a large number of such objects. Remember that only a reasonable measure allows you to achieve balance and harmony.