Stone crumb for the walls of stone houses

Stone crumb is often used today to furnish facades of buildings made of stone. On sale a stone crumb for walls appears already prepared for work.

It adds adhesive and binder materials. This is a dense mass, which is packaged in bundles of ten to twenty kilograms. The stone crumb has a rich color scheme.

For furnish of a plinth and a façade the big crumb will be more suitable. There are several types of crumb by origin: marble, quartz and granite.

The coating is considered to be rather heavy because of the content of the elements of natural stone in the crumb. From extra-ordinary minuses also expensive such furnish. As one square meter may need from three to four kilograms. But it is easily compensated by durability, good masking of irregularities. This coating is easy to wash with ordinary water.

If you decide to use a crumb, be prepared to remove this material along with the wall, as such a coating is tightly fastened to the wall. For a successful application of the crumb, the wall should be dry and clean. It is necessary to primed a wall with a paint and to apply a stone crumb, removing surplus shpatelem. This coating will need five to seven hours to dry sufficiently.