Mosaic Design in the exterior

Mosaic is familiar to mankind since ancient times. In the states of the ancient world mosaic laid out not only images on the walls and paintings, but the entire area.

In the modern stage of development it has lost the initial value: similar art in its primordial kind already practically nobody deals. But designers have found a new application mosaic for exterior design.

Thus, the walls of facades can be partially or completely lined with mosaic images. And it can be both abstract drawings and compositions. In addition, the modern mosaic is distinguished by a variety of materials and sizes of details.

Such decorative elements can be made of glass, stone, ceramics and much more. A great variety of the source material allows to use mosaics for exterior decoration not only for wealthy people, but also for middle class representatives.

The mosaic can also decorate the garden walkways and floors and gazebo walls. In addition, it is possible to use this décor to decorate other buildings of your site. The unique design of mosaic scenery can embody a variety of stylistic trends that will give your exterior a special flavor and sophistication.