Decorating the exterior with vegetation

Harmonious selection of vegetation, is one of the main subtleties of design design of the exterior.

Fragrance colors and different shades of greenery and colors make your Manor site a “paradise”.

Besides, the vegetation carries not only purely aesthetic content, but also functional filling. So, green plantations help to preserve and protect soil from erosion processes, and also greens can be used for division of a site on thematic zones.

Therefore, for the optimum variant of vegetation placing it is necessary to think ahead and pick up necessary grades of green plantings, and also to choose the colour tonality suitable to the general exterior.

The most important mistake of many designers is the wrong selection of vegetation: without considering their classification by age, whims, tenentiousness, growth and many other things.

Thus, the location of large trees next to the foundation of buildings and structures can lead to further destruction of a part of the foundation due to the active growth of the root system. Therefore at planting of trees it is necessary to take into account, that over time this tree becomes big and it will need much more free space, including in an underground part.