Innovation: Transparent Concrete

Surprisingly, the ubiquitous introduction of super-modern material, transparent concrete, is not far off.

Even it was difficult to imagine the possibility of creating such a material earlier. While American engineers were seriously engaged in the design of state buildings from transparent concrete-the order came from the U.S. authorities.

The winning of the material was appreciated by Europe. The construction of several Togrovo-office complexes was started here. Transparent concrete is actively mastered by designers and decorators of the world, because it is an extremely interesting solution for partitions, installations and even fixtures.

Of course, it is not necessary to speak about full transparency of concrete. This material is a composite, capable of skipping a serious percentage of light and allowing to see through the walls human outlines. However, from transparent concrete architectural objects are unimaginably beautiful.

An example of this is the BMW Car Center in Germany (Leipzig). The creator of the material-innovator in decorative art, Hungarian, a. Loshontsi. It is known that initially the material was created as a non-standard component of lighting engineering, but its characteristics surpassed all expectations of the creator. The material is not lost in the strength of concrete conventional.