How to postpone a major overhaul

Repair of buildings and structures depends on the technical condition of all elements. Over time, the buildings wear out and these indicators are lowered.

Therefore, there is constant monitoring and inspection of the state structures. The examination can be general, partial, extraordinary, preventive, unforeseen, selective and complex. Such examinations should be carried out according to the schedule precisely in time.

At such examinations wall sandwich panels have shown themselves as reliable and qualitative. One of the main tasks of such inspections is the timely detection not only of the need for full or partial repair or replacement of individual elements, but also the identification of the causes of problems.

In order to reduce the material costs of permanent repair of buildings and structures, also utilities need to adhere to a number of simple (in comparison with the repair) rules. For example, constantly maintain all the elements in good condition, in a timely manner to maintain the system (plumbing, sewerage, electricity, etc. etc.).

Also control the parameters that affect the specifications using approved techniques. And of course, to conduct the above-mentioned examinations.