A little bit about porcelain tiles

As a result of connection of ceramics and a granite has turned out keramoranite, having color, drawing, a texture. It is very durable and wear resistant.

Stoneware is applied very widely in various areas. This material also has useful properties.

There is a polished ceramic granite. This surface will be slippery when wet and is less durable, but the aesthetic appearance of shiny stoneware will delight the eye and enjoy popularity.

The technology of production of this material allows to make various variants of a form, a surface type. Therefore, there is a large variety of porcelain-granite surfaces, which imitate different materials, for example, Wood.

Porcelain granite under the tree on the floor with ceramic granite on the floor-Goodhog

A very popular type of surface is called “sparkling as Water”. In mixtures special salts are applied that leads to the satin type of a surface.

Karogranite is resistant to burning (after all it is made of stone), it lacks electrical conductivity. Thus, this material is antistatic and dielectric, which is successfully used in different types of constructions.