Clean the window from the old cover

Everyone knows that before you start to update the window frame, it should be cleaned from the old cover. However, this operation is a very laborious process.

In addition, the final result entirely depends on whether you clean the surface of the window frame from the old cover.

Ideally it is necessary to remove from a window frame the old covering with the help of special means which is sold in all building, and also economic shops.

This tool is applied to the window frame by means of an ordinary paint brush. After some time, which depends on the tool, you will be able to remove from the window frame all the outdated coverage without the use of special efforts.

However, do not forget that such chemicals should be handled with extreme caution. Therefore, in order not to risk, you can remove the old coating with an industrial hair dryer, which is very similar to the usual hair dryer, but it is able to warm the air to six hundred degrees.

The main thing before you start using it, do not forget to remove the glass from the window frames. After that it is necessary only to start a hair dryer and to heat all frame, why the old covering will soften, and it can be easily removed by means of Shpatel.

However, when removing the old coating using a hair dryer, the frame will have to clean small areas. Because the old coating is cooled very quickly.

Instead of an industrial hair dryer it is possible to use pounded chalk mixed with a sour lime.