Plasma cutting for construction purposes

In some cases, the builders may need to process the metal. There are different ways to accomplish this task.

Plasma cutting is considered to be modern, high-tech and low-cost of all known ways.

The gas cutter, which is used to separate metals, has, for example, less efficiency and slightly worse cut quality. Plasma cutting in Moscow large companies use only this method, has a large number of advantages.

Among them there is a considerable speed of work in comparison with gas, laser, acetylene oxide and other methods of metal cutting. Cut edge is smooth, clear, without Burr. By means of plasma cutting it is possible to separate sheets of metal in thickness more than 40 mm.

The advantage of plasma cutting in its low resource capacity and small work. To perform the work requires a special device-a plasma generator, or Plasmottron. It does not require frequent replacement of consumables, the quality of work is stably high-metal sheets are punched qualitatively, it does not affect the thickness and size.

These advantages have made plasma cutting popular and demanded at many construction and industrial enterprises of various branches of economy.