Water supply

Engineering surveys will help you to determine exactly what level of groundwater on your land plot. Thanks to them you will be able to predict their annual level.

Fluctuations in groundwater levels mainly depend on seasonal phenomena such as precipitation and the rain Strait for example.

The most unfavorable periods-spring-autumn, the level of groundwater is maximum. During the winter and flight periods of groundwater are so current and not observed, depending on this, you can save on the construction stage.

For example, the construction of summer will cost you less, because the level of groundwater is minimal, because you have to think less about waterproofing. Well, if you decide to build in the spring or autumn, you will have a good investment in waterproofing. After all, when you start digging the pit, you will need to make measures for the drainage.

Chemical composition of water

In the course of engineering surveys are conducted chem.-Analysis of the technical component of water. This analysis allows you to choose the most suitable concrete brand to fill your foundation. The given analysis is made on various components, and more specifically on aggressive acids, there are sulfates, manganese, a part of constituent is an analysis of iron and many other things. And after the given analysis the full report on characteristics of groundwater, such as aggressiveness to concrete and other constructions is issued.

Depending on the chemical composition of the experts, you will be able to choose a specific type of concrete, thanks to which your home will be under your complete control.

Information on your groundwater, on your site, will help you to determine the water supply. In general, there are two types of water supply-it is to carry from a common well-if you have, which is a site in the village, or urban type. The second kind, the most expensive-it is necessary to drill well under itself.

For example, if loose rocks are laid on the surface of your land plot, a breakthrough is a small recess, you can use this water for technical purposes. For drinking has already been specified I-it is either a common source or a well, but we will talk about it a little later in the following articles.

So, a small result: thanks to Hydro Engineering, you will be able to learn about your level of groundwater, about the coating of soil and soils, and whether it is worth to isolate your foundation.