What is the filler floor

Those, who are connected with construction or repair, can note high dynamics of the modern market of building materials.

One of the revolutionary technologies has become a filler floor, which can be bought for different purposes and tasks, having a number of significant advantages.

The filler floor is increasingly called liquid linoleum, thanks to a very similar structure and appearance. The main difference of these fundamentally different coatings is that linoleum is produced already molded, ready for styling. Warm filling floor also requires pouring, comes in the form of some substance, which is placed in a uniform layer and after hardening becomes a touch similar to linoleum, tile.

In connection with such technology of laying obvious advantages are: smoothness of a surface, monolithic and absence of seams, possibility of use of various colour decisions. The thickness of the final layer is 1.5 mm. Thus, the filler floor will be economically advantageous and outwardly attractive.