European floor, what is it?

Europol is one of the most popular types of flooring today. Such a wide popularity for such a short term it has acquired due to such characteristics as:

Environmental safety, naturalness and the possibility of very long-term use.

This floor is made of wooden boards of exceptionally high quality. Before installation they are processed on newest equipment, according to the best technologies.

This type of floor will never shrink and warp, because the wear resistance is unusually high.

If you compare the euro floor with other flooring, you can see that it has advantages over them. For example, it withstands a high quantity of Tsilovok, in contrast to a parquet, easily absorbs and gives out moisture, thus keeping ideally flat surface. In addition, using this coating, you can lay it over the heated elements. At the same time, the euro floor has the best sound-insulating characteristics in the world, which is especially important when staying in an apartment.

As you can see, it does not have minuses, even in price, because it is quite accessible to any consumer.