Interior wall finishing with wallpaper

Just a couple of decades ago, pasting wallpaper was very difficult, boring and time consuming.

And it is quite understandable, because it was necessary to do a lot more different operations first to paste the walls of newspapers, waste paper or old wallpaper, then makismalno they align pumice or skin, cut off the wallpaper superfluous edges, long smear their paste and Customized joints…

In the present time the process of gluing wallpaper has become much easier, thanks to the use of modern materials in the construction works.

Today it is very popular to use fleece wallpapers on paper basis. In addition, modern wallpaper adhesives allow several times to shorten the duration of work.

It is connected with that glue is covered only a surface of a wall, and a cloth of wall-paper is simply pressed to it by means of a special rubber shpatel. The only condition that requires modern wallpaper indoors should not be drafts, as the inflow of cold air negatively affects the wallpaper adhesive.

For more convenience, in modern adhesives add a special dye, which is very noticeable on the wall and gives the master the opportunity to immediately see whether it is evenly inflicted.