Plastic lining

Among all the advantages available to the vase is the first to note its increased resistance to the environment.

Due to the fact that the production technology uses the latest developments, plastic lining is not susceptible to rotting processes.

It goes that such a lining is practically irreplaceable at furnish of different surfaces as all its properties are saved even at action of precipitation and temperature fluctuations. It is worth mentioning that in addition to satisfying the above requirements, plastic lining is not prone to deformation, melting, as well as color change.

As for the process of work with the wagon, there is no need for operations aimed at preparing and leveling the base, and also the skills are not required. As this finishing material is soft, its processing is considerably simplified.

When using a vase for finishing rooms of the type of balconies, the result will be qualitative. As for the appearance, the plastic façade will satisfy any design requests. Though outwardly it looks fragile, however, its durability in fact is great, and besides it possesses sound-insulating properties.