Types of finishing works for the balcony

For interior decoration of the balcony there are many different options. Differences between them consist in applied materials and, actually, technology of furnish of a balcony room.

There are the following types of balcony finishes:

1) finishing with a wagon. This method consists in that on a balcony wooden obreshetki on all walls in a horizontal direction are established. The basis for them are Bruski, sizes 25 * 40 millimeters which are carefully leveled in order to provide a flat surface. These steps allow you to not waste time on aligning the exterior surfaces of the walls before they are ennobled.

2) finish using plastic panels. It is produced similarly to the finishing, but due to the fact that the Panel is quite wide and ready for operation, the time for installation is significantly reduced. The presence of a special protective layer, which protects the material from moisture and burnout, increases the service life of the balconies with plastic finish without harming its aesthetic properties. Moreover, the cost of such furnish is much cheaper than the cost of wood finishing.

3) Finishing siding. With the help of this type of furnish, it is possible to separate a balcony both inside, and outside. However, it is possible, if all apertures before it were completely glazed. Siding is also characterized by high resistance to the negative effects of precipitation, and serves as a strong protection for the metal structures of the balcony. But there is one drawback. The aesthetic qualities of siding are not suitable for interior finishing of completely enclosed surfaces.

4) stone or rock finish is made for floor and wall finishing in balcony rooms. Today this finishing is gaining popularity among consumers.

In order to reduce the cost of finishing the balcony, often use inexpensive and low-quality materials. As a result, it turns out a completely non-esthetic premise, which quickly comes to decay. Therefore, if you want to save on a balcony, it is better to use a squirrel for its furnish. It is the cheapest way of furnish, but at the same time has a number of qualitative properties and advantages. Also it is not necessary to glue on a balcony wall-paper as in the summer, under the influence of sunlight, they fade and lose the former attractiveness.