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Accident Lawyer 

Accident Lawyer

What is the personal injury?

The law determines personal injury as damage to human body, mind and/or emotions. Personal injuries law cases are in the sphere of tort law and civil law. These laws helps individuals to claim compensations in the third party as a result of various accidents, mostly traffic and car accidents. The 3-rd party could reference individual, organizations or government agencies.

The role and duties of accident lawyer

If you were injured, your car was damaged in traffic accident, so some questions regarding to situation, run through your mind. For instance, who would cover your medical expenses? If you seriously injured, who is going to pay for your electricity/water bills, while you are not able to work and lying in hospital. How will you deal and talk with insurance companies? How can you be sure, that individual, who is responsible for accident, will pay all compensation fees and expenses? And what do you have to do now? All of these questions are usual, when people fall in such kind of situations, especially if it’s the first time. But there is no need to worry, because it is duty of accident lawyer to handle with all this deals and answer all necessary questions and make accident’s victim to be sure that guilty individual is going to cover all expenses and pay all compensation fees.

Attorneys have many duties to their customers. These duties consists of both ethical and professional code of conduct and set of rules and principles. Once, the lawyer matches all requirements, passes examinations and getting the license, he or she is getting all privileges and rights connected to qualified lawyer, such as filing a complaint to courts, argue cases, giving a professional consulting to victims and work and prepare official, legal documents.

Lawyer also responsible for talking and interviewing clients and working with their cases. And the most important obligation of all accident attorneys is to help clients to get compensation for all injures.
Personal injuries and accidents – one of the most profitable fields for attorneys, because they seek for compensation for victims, considering all physical and emotional factors. These kinds of accident settlements may be in thousands of dollars, and accident injury lawyer benefits from getting percentages of the settlements as their fees.

Job requirements: degree, diplomas, etc

In order to be an accident lawyer, it is obligatory to have bachelor degree and Juris Doctor Law degree. Also, for getting the job in United States, lawyer has to pass the particular required examinations such as Multistate

Performance Test

But even within this field, attorneys could make a choice to go even deeper in their specialization, because some cases require more deep knowledge of speciality.

Required Skills

If someone wants to be a good lawyer, he needs to have analytical skills, logics, patience, and perseverance. Because of lawyers always need to gather and analyze data related to cases. Making researches could be tedious, that’s why patience is needed. And also, essential to possess strong sense of justice, compassion to clients and conduct a strong code of ethics.

Wages and salaries

Unlike other, personal injury attorneys such as auto accident lawyers, traffic accident lawyers do not charge hourly payment. Instead of this, they take certain percentage from victim’s compensations as their fee. In difficult, high class cases, the percentage fee could reach 40% from client’s compensation.

The average salary of accident lawyer is about 73 thousand dollars. Those ones, who were hired by large law firms, earns from $81000 to $160000.

To be honest, cases related to personal injury are the major part of law firm’s income. Therefore, perspective of this field still looking attractive for young lawyers. However, someone suggests, that some change in tort law will occur, with the limitation of compensation. If these changes will come true, it would decrease a number of personal injury cases.

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