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Forensic Text Analysis – A Effective Tool in helping Criminal Research

Forensic cell phone analysis was influential in Feb 2008 in supplying linguistic evidence which led towards the conviction of David Hodgson within the tragic murder of Jenny Nicholl.

The Jenny Nicholl situation outlined how people choose their very own text language rules  that they have a tendency to use throughout all of their messages. Each persons text speak is different from one along with other.

Forensic linguists demonstrated that texts sent from Jennys phone after she went missing were built with a style which was more much like those of David Hodgson.

Jenny Nicholls body never was found, however the jury recognized the prosecutions view that Hodgson have been delivering texts on her behalf mobile after her presumed dying and located him responsible for murder. The situation is illustrative of the items could be accomplished by examining cell phone messages

Speaking in the British Association Science Festival in Liverpool, Dr Tim Grant, Center for Forensic Linguistics at Aston College, described his theory on forensic text analysis. He mentioned that determining the writer of the anonymous text might appear as an impossible challenge because they are typically very short and fragmented. Typically, forensic linguists make use of a descriptive approach but modern technological developments along with a systematic method of text analysis has assisted solve several criminal research.

Mr Grant shown that you will find several stylistic features which are consistently utilized in messages where they are fully aware the writer. For instance, Jenny Nicholl used my and myself while David Hodgson frequently adopted Yorkshire dialect, using me and meself.

Forensic linguists looks to determine whose style is most much like that utilized in any disputed texts and it is being a common forensic tool. Cell phone forensic analysis has become getting used to recognize witness throughout assaults also to identify suspects in place of work bullying.

Dr Grants or loans approach to quantifying linguistic evidence could be later used in the court. He’s built a specialized language database well over 8,000 texts and analysed them using robust record techniques he has modified from individuals initially produced by forensic researchers looking into sexual crimes.

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