Category: Heating

Boiler in a wooden house

Modern wooden houses are significantly different from the buildings that were erected earlier. (more…)

To make the house warm and comfortable

In the old days our ancestors used natural material-moss to insulate the house. (more…)

What you need to know and consider before developing and installing the heating system of buildings

What you need to know and consider before developing and installing a heating system at home. (more…)

How to insulate an old wooden house

In the matter of insulation of the private house should be approached comprehensively. It means, that it is necessary to insulate walls, both from inside, and outside, to achieve tightness of windows (more…)

How to heat a wooden house

Lay the stove with your hands under the force of anyone. (more…)

Specifics of some heating systems

Any heating system differs from similar not only structurally, but also the principle of action and equipment. (more…)

Clean the window from the old cover

Everyone knows that before you start to update the window frame, it should be cleaned from the old cover. However, this operation is a very laborious process.

How to choose the color of the walls to pink furniture

If you want to achieve a sensation of tenderness, coziness and freshness of the created interior, it is necessary to play with a combination of such colors as pink and cream or pink and white.

Decorating the exterior with vegetation

Harmonious selection of vegetation, is one of the main subtleties of design design of the exterior.