Category: Interior

Finishing of doorways with a stone

In each house or apartment is necessarily present doorways, on, which practically do not pay attention. (more…)

Finishing of steel doors with laminate

The finishing of the steel door with laminate is perfect for those rooms where laminate flooring is already on the floor. (more…)

Textile Wallpaper

The positive side of textile wallpaper, and what is the difference from the rest of the wallpaper: (more…)

Finishing Steel Doors vinyl

Vinilylskzha is a material of artificial origin with fibrous basic, on which the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is applied. (more…)

Floor covering for children’s room

The health and safety of children in the apartment depends largely on how well the children’s room is. (more…)

Features, advantages and disadvantages of modern heating radiators

Any kind and model of modern radiator of heating favorably differs beautiful attractive appearance of modern ergonomic design. (more…)

Plastic windows

Modern metal-plastic and wooden windows provide the highest level of sound and heat insulation, if necessary-completely seal the room (more…)

Artificial stone

For finishing façade works more and more often the natural stone is used. It is really beautiful and impressive, with high-quality styling is also durable. (more…)

Wallpaper on a fleece basis

One of the types of finishing materials that is in demand wallpaper on the fleece basis. (more…)

Performing repair work in your own kitchen

Kitchen is a special functional premise of your apartment, which carries a certain load, and therefore should be repaired in a certain way. (more…)