Category: Landscape Design

Exterior of the House

Most often the appearance of the house is determined by the architectural project, but designers can work with the ready building, giving it its zest. (more…)

Decorative Elements of landscape

Even more recently, domestic household plots did not differ a large variety of elements of décor. (more…)

Decorating the exterior with vegetation

Harmonious selection of vegetation, is one of the main subtleties of design design of the exterior. (more…)

Stone crumb for the walls of stone houses

Stone crumb is often used today to furnish facades of buildings made of stone. On sale a stone crumb for walls appears already prepared for work. (more…)

Original Exterior options

In addition to the generally accepted options of exterior gardening terrain, there are also author’s approaches to design. (more…)

Mosaic Design in the exterior

Mosaic is familiar to mankind since ancient times. In the states of the ancient world mosaic laid out not only images on the walls and paintings, but the entire area. (more…)

Finishing of doorways with a stone

In each house or apartment is necessarily present doorways, on, which practically do not pay attention.

Painter Tools

Paint walls, ceilings and any surface can be paints with the use of various tools.

Buying a finished house or building a project from scratch

Any business requires a thoughtful approach: whether you plan to get your own home or are going to buy a personal car.