Types of glass units

Glass Package-A structure consisting of sheet glass hermetically sealed in the frame.

It is accepted to distinguish double-glazed windows by number of chambers:

• Single-chamber glass units are often used for glazing loggias and balconies. In areas with a warm climate, windows can be glazed on the south side of the building.

Double Chamber. At attractive cost have sufficient level of heat protection and sound insulation, in this connection are widely distributed.

• Three-chamber double-glazed windows, due to the increased heat and noise insulation, are the best option for a harsh climate, as well as for buildings in noisy areas. Many prefer to install such double-glazed windows in the bedroom.

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Drywall. General information.

Plasterboard-an indispensable material in the repair of the apartment. Gypsum plasterboard is used in the manufacture of plasterboard structures,

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