Importance and specificity of competent selection of bimetal radiators

The importance and specificity of the competent choice of bimetal radiators.

In the midst of a huge range of heating devices (radiators) offered by the external market of heating equipment, Bimetal radiators occupy the leading position in most regions not only in our country, but also in the middle Foreign countries, i.e.-CIS.

It is explained by the extremely attractive elegant appearance of the device with no less unique technical characteristics in the form of: long period of operation, high speed of heating in comparison with other analogues with high level Heat emission.

However, choosing bimetallic radiators is very important not to confuse the original with Semibimetallic radiators, so often you can meet and such, given the popularity and demand bimetal proportional to the likelihood of forgery.

Remember that the real bimetal from fake fellows is full contact of the coolant (water or non-freezing liquids) with a steel frame entirely without the involvement of aluminum in the process.

By the way, at Semibimetal radiators vertical tubes are made of steel and only horizontal channels from aluminium.

The operating period of such radiators is short because of the rapid destruction of aluminum contacting with the heat carrier, and therefore carefully check the quality of the product, requiring a certificate, because under the beautiful packaging with a catchy inscription The Bimetal radiator can hide at all not what you need.

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