To make the house warm and comfortable

In the old days our ancestors used natural material-moss to insulate the house.

They were closed by cracks in walls and piers, but for the most common winters, which always was famous for Fatherland, it was not the best option.

Today, technology has changed, and for the insulation of the country house used artificial insulation. The types of heat-insulating materials are very wide-from mineral wool to Supermodern extrusion foam polystyrene brand Technonikol.

The material possesses absolutely unique heat-insulating properties that makes it possible to use it in country and industrial construction, for thermal insulation of engineering systems and communications, and even for creation of heat-insulating layer at Construction of roads of different types (railway and automobile).

The material is characterized by high thermal insulation properties and high compressive strength. Technonikol does not absorb water, and therefore does not swell, in the process of operation does not shrink, rot and does not decompose under the influence of chemical reagents. Using Technonicolas as a heater will protect the house from cold winds and winter stupor.

LED Ceiling illumination

Uneven ceilings in the old housing stock ceased to be a headache of tenants. Original suspended ceilings wholesale and retail of different materials, colors,

Boiler in a wooden house

Modern wooden houses are significantly different from the buildings that were erected earlier.

A little bit about porcelain tiles

As a result of connection of ceramics and a granite has turned out keramoranite, having color, drawing, a texture. It is very durable and wear resistant.