Artificial stone

For finishing façade works more and more often the natural stone is used. It is really beautiful and impressive, with high-quality styling is also durable.

But with all the attractiveness of the natural stone has one significant disadvantage, which discourages some buyers-a high price. Construction technologists offer a favorable replacement of natural stone-artificial.

It has all the qualities and characteristics of natural stone, but is more advantageous for the price. Artificial stone can be separated as external, façade surfaces of the building, and internal.

Among its main advantages are light weight and simple processing process. There is no need to strengthen the bearing surface to use artificial stone. The artificial stone can be beautifully decorated gables, corners, doors and window openings.

The buildings, decorated with stone, look very elegant and chic. It is suitable for use not only in urban conditions, but also for decoration, for example, country cottage or cottage. Rest in the city with such entourage will be remembered all.

You can even order catering to free yourself from preparing the table for a large number of guests. For those who do not know yet: catering is quite a useful service, “visiting restaurant”. On the nature, in the country, in any other place at the request of the customer can organize a festive table is not worse than restaurant, noble such service.

LED Ceiling illumination

Uneven ceilings in the old housing stock ceased to be a headache of tenants. Original suspended ceilings wholesale and retail of different materials, colors,

Plasma cutting for construction purposes

In some cases, the builders may need to process the metal. There are different ways to accomplish this task.

Small things in the interior

Different people have different hobbies. There are people who are addicted to cars, there are those who are fond of, for example, games.