Floor covering for children’s room

The health and safety of children in the apartment depends largely on how well the children’s room is.

One of the main things to pay attention to-the right choice of flooring, because it is on the floor in their room children spend a lot of time.

The material for a floor should answer at once several parameters: the covering is obliged to be ecologically safe, not to cause an allergy, to have resistance to mechanical damages and Antistatistnostju. In the market you can find a lot of different materials, each of which has its own merits.

The most demanded floor covering for children is parquet. It is a natural material that perfectly preserves heat. However, taking care of it is laborious.

Another minus of parquet is its too big price. Among the cheaper options allocated linoleum and laminate. Both of these materials are easy to care for and high durability.

The safest floor covering for a child is a carpet with a natural pile. It can be applied both separately, and as a top covering for the same linoleum. The advantages of carpeting include its softness, cheapness and affordability.

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