Exterior of the House

Most often the appearance of the house is determined by the architectural project, but designers can work with the ready building, giving it its zest.

Having a country cottage, you should think about the plot around the house.

Translating into reality landscape designs, exterior of a house, it is possible to use the most various methods of registration. The main and important goal in the design remains the preservation of natural elements-it’s fountains, waterfalls and compositions of plants.

When designing a design not yet built, the designer works together with the architect to choose the right building materials. It is often necessary to redesign and modify the existing appearance of the building.

Quite often we observe that in cottage settlements built similar houses. And each owner wants his house differed from the neighboring, and would emphasize its taste. Designers will help you give the house a unique look, adding decorative elements that your neighbors do not have.

They will help to create a universal evening illumination, which you will not see in others.

A little bit about porcelain tiles

As a result of connection of ceramics and a granite has turned out keramoranite, having color, drawing, a texture. It is very durable and wear resistant.

Interior wall finishing with wallpaper

Just a couple of decades ago, pasting wallpaper was very difficult, boring and time consuming.

How to choose the color of the walls to pink furniture

If you want to achieve a sensation of tenderness, coziness and freshness of the created interior, it is necessary to play with a combination of such colors as pink and cream or pink and white.