Drywall. General information.

Plasterboard-an indispensable material in the repair of the apartment. Gypsum plasterboard is used in the manufacture of plasterboard structures,

Drywall are used for dry plaster walls and even floors are made of special drywall.

Water-resistant plasterboard or GVL (Gipsovolokonnyj sheet) has a plaster filler cellulose fiber. GVL is stronger than conventional drywall. It is possible to paste ceramic tile on water-resistant plasterboard.

Installation of drywall on walls with the purpose of dry plaster is made bezkarotnym method. Plasterboard is glued on the wall with special mounting adhesive putty on plaster basis. This installation is very fast and does not require much work.

Installation of plasterboard in plasterboard structures is carried out on the previously mounted frame of metal profile self-tapping screws for drywall. The construction of the carcass requires a certain qualification, because the assembly and installation It is a very responsible stage of work.

From the quality of the constructed frame will depend not only rigidity and durability of the whole design of partitions or facing, but also practically all operating characteristics of walls in premises…

How we should build a house

Why is it so popular to build wooden houses for the frame technology today?

Shutters-Space Protection

For the unpresenters it is possible to explain: rollets are metal blinds installed on the windows on the outside.

How to choose the color of the walls to pink furniture

If you want to achieve a sensation of tenderness, coziness and freshness of the created interior, it is necessary to play with a combination of such colors as pink and cream or pink and white.