How to furnish studio apartment?

Construction of a one-room apartment first of all should start with a collection of “right” furniture

. It is not difficult to guess that in small-size apartments the only reasonable solution will be the choice in favor of practicality and compactness.

Further, depending on the family, the presence of children and other factors, it is required to determine the situation. If the apartment is arranged a large family, the place will be a breakdown of the dwelling on the zones with a special partition or a high cabinet. A very practical purchase would be a two-tiered bed.

If you are in the soul of an artist and your creative nature requires the embodiment of fresh and innovative ideas in the interior design, it is recommended to demolish the extra partitions, and fill the cramped apartment with a sense of open space. The main thing is not to bend the stick and do everything in moderation, otherwise there will be a feeling of discomfort.

In case you are planning to convert the kitchen into a bedroom you will need to transfer all communications to the room. Do not forget to inform about your plan special services. It is equally important to take care of a good cooker hood on your new built-in kitchen.

Decorative Elements of landscape

Even more recently, domestic household plots did not differ a large variety of elements of décor.

Specifics of some heating systems

Any heating system differs from similar not only structurally, but also the principle of action and equipment.

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