Shutters-Space Protection

For the unpresenters it is possible to explain: rollets are metal blinds installed on the windows on the outside.

They are put with a certain purpose-at night to protect the room from attacks intruders.

Today they can be seen on the windows of shops, salons, restaurants and many other public places. They are appropriate and on windows of premises where important documents are kept, protecting them from breaking, appearance of facades of buildings at all does not spoil from such decoration.

The range of modern shutters is offered quite wide (in size and color palette)-to choose a suitable product should not be difficult. Rollets are a very strong construction – reliable protection against hacking, penetration, acts of vandalism, extraneous views.

The system works perfectly in emergency situations, for example during a fire – it opens quickly and easily. Shutters are installed outside or indoors, but in any case a large pile on the surface is not formed-the internal design and architectural style of the room and the building as a whole is preserved.

The new trend is the installation of shutters on the windows and doors of country houses. With such designs any private ownership will be protected to the maximum.

Interior wall finishing with wallpaper

Just a couple of decades ago, pasting wallpaper was very difficult, boring and time consuming.

Performing repair work in your own kitchen

Kitchen is a special functional premise of your apartment, which carries a certain load, and therefore should be repaired in a certain way.

Plastic lining

Among all the advantages available to the vase is the first to note its increased resistance to the environment.