Specificity of design and advantages of two-pipe heating system

Based on the name, structurally similar system of heating is arranged so that the supply of coolant to the radiators is carried out on one pipe

, and its rejection after the return of heat to the second. Thus, there is a uniform distribution of heat about all premises in the heated structure of such system.

Moreover, two-pipe heating systems are used mainly in residential buildings.

Since the constructive use of two-pipe systems provides the ability to adjust the temperature, if desired, of course in any of the rooms, using a lock valve with temperature sensors.

All this makes it more expedient to use two-pipe heating system for heating of one-storey buildings.

However, the two-pipe heating system can be used for heating multi-storey buildings, where, taking into account the used coolant and the location of risers, it can be both vertical and horizontal.

By the way, today due to acute shortage of free space in construction priority erection of large residential complexes, and considering the problematic construction of piers for the installation of vertical risers, more rationally arrangement Horizontal version of the two-pipe heating system to ensure full circulation of the coolant throughout the building.

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