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Daughters of retired insurance broker tried to block wedding — report | Insurance Business

A retired insurance broker was at the centre of a court case that has grabbed national headlines – as his daughters reportedly attempted to block his wedding.

The broker, who cannot be named and is now in his 80s, suffers from dementia. He wanted to marry his partner, who he has been in a relationship with for more than 20 years. However, his daughter, who has power of attorney, reportedly attempted to block that event from happening – suggesting he does not have the capacity to get married.

The court heard accusations that the daughters wanted to stop the marriage to ensure they did not miss out on their inheritance, according to a Telegraph report.

The publication outlines that a will was drawn for the broker back in 2013 that takes into account his assets – including a £1.5 million house and £125,000 in cash being left to his three daughters. Meanwhile, £300,000 and his pension, as well as the right to stay at the property was given to his partner.

Should he marry that would become invalid – and his wife would get a “statutory legacy of £250,000, his chattels and half the balance of the estate,” it was stated in court.

According to The Telegraph, both the man’s GP and a consultant psychiatrist outlined that he had the capacity to marry but not to make a new will; while his daughter called on a mental capacity assessor who stated he did not have the capacity to marry or make a new will.

The court case actually took place last year. Initially, Judge Wildblood granted an interim injunction that prevented the man from marrying on June 26 last year and transferred the case to the Court of Protection in London. From there, according to The Telegraph, a hearing was held in October in which Judge Nicholas Marston determined that the former broker did have capacity to marry and urged the daughters to “find a way of moving forward together” following a “bitter dispute.”

Now, written judgments have been made public outlining that the man’s daughter reportedly wanted the father to be re-interviewed in “rigorous conditions” and suggesting that another psychiatrist, Dr Hugh Series, may have been unduly influenced by the fiancée. The psychiatrist determined that the man had the capacity to marry, knew his will would be revoked and that the daughters would receive less than before.

The judge dismissed the daughter’s allegations and declined another interview.


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