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Tory councillor takes out «wolf whistle insurance» | Insurance Business

Here’s an insurance story to raise a few eyebrows on a Friday morning.

A Tory councillor in Aberdeen, Scotland, was reportedly so concerned about the possibility of losing her looks that she has taken out an insurance policy that could pay out as much as £100,000 should “brickies” stop their wolf whistles.

In the minds of many forward-thinking women, “brickies” making comments about their appearance would be seen as sexist, rude and even harassment – but not so for Councillor Claire Imrie, according to a report in The National. Its report states that she took out a policy back in 2001, just eight months after her son was born, and she has openly criticised new mums for not taking enough care of how they look.

“People think I am just in it for the money, but the cash doesn’t interest me,” Imrie reportedly told the Daily Record at the time. “I am worried about losing my looks. At the moment I receive a lot of attention from men, in particular brickies, and don’t want that to stop.

“Looking after a child can be hard work and too often women take less care of themselves after giving birth. I don’t want that to happen to me.”

So how does the insurer feel about this? The National quoted Simon Burgess, who reportedly signed off on the policy, as saying “Claire is a very attractive young woman” and “we will back her 100%.” He did admit however, that “we have never dealt with anything like this before.” The publication goes on to state that Burgess has become “notorious” for publicity stunts such as insuring against alien abductions and virgin births.

Imrie was elected last year and represents the Queens Cross, Countesswells & Hazlehead parts of the city.


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