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20 500 Canadians have benefited from the sharing of the costs of the drug in 2016



20 December 2017 09:45

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The canadian Society of drug pooling (SCMAM) reveals that 20 500 Canadians were able to benefit from the sharing arrangement of the costs of the insurance sector for the insurance drugs. The agency also contends that the 7 000 employers, of businesses of small and medium size, were able to offer a prescription drug coverage to their employees.

This is made possible so that the insurers life and health canadians share the costs of the drug treatments that are expensive and recurring in order to protect drug insurance plans private fully insured from the financial impact of the drugs. «This proactive approach helps to ensure the sustainability of insurance schemes complementary to Canadians,» says the SCMAM.

Enjoy the medicine

«Increasingly, Canadians are taking advantage of medical advances that give rise to the introduction of new drugs, often very expensive, points out Dan Berty, executive director of the SCMAM. The number of drug treatments that cost continues to increase rapidly. Without the sharing arrangement of the costs of the SCMAM, there is no doubt that a large number of employers would modify their health insurance plans, leaving their employees and their families without access to life-saving treatments. «

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