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40 % of consumers willing to change insurer for a discount for autonomous vehicles



May 30, 2018 10:30

Two of five consumers are prepared to change automobile insurer to promote a that offers rebates for autonomous vehicles, reveals a survey firm J. D. Power. A majority (70 %) also expect that insurers will offer discounts to ensure that the vehicles have safety features improved.

The report also reveals that 22 % of consumers will probably see the purchase of a vehicle autonomous and highly automated as the next car.

«We have reached the point where autonomous vehicles are not just a passing fad. While the manufacturers already produce cars with automated functions are partial, and the manufacturers, the businesses of car-pooling and car rental agencies are in a race for total innovation in the technology of automated vehicles «, explain the authors.

The accident reduction is a decisive factor

Among the motivations for why some consumers would like to change the vehicle for an autonomous car, 26 % named the reduced number of accidents, 24 % cited the reduction of the stress caused by driving and 15 % of lower insurance premiums.

In addition, 40 % of those surveyed believe that drivers hold a share of responsibility in an accident involving an autonomous vehicle. However, 22 % say that the manufacturers of the detectors self-employed are to blame.

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